Dec 2, 2010

Peace And Serenity Spell

In a quiet place, free of distractions, sit comfortably, allowing yourself to feel present and at ease. Into the glow of the candle, contribute your intention to realize your desire. May your intentions bring peace and harmony to all beings. Focus your intention and verbally affrim its truth.

When this is completed, release the outcome from your grasp. Relax. Allow the Universe to manifest your desires. Your intention will generate its own power.

The Invocation

I am fully present
in the place of the Mystery
wherein desire and destiny
become one.
Into this clearing of pure energy,
I release my fear
and awaken to my experience
of true peace and serenity.
I embrace the sweetness of life,
without reservation or limitation.
This, or something better,
is manifesting for me now.
And so it is.

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