May 10, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday

Last year, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Tarot Dame's Blog and noticed a really cool deck that she was using for that week's was called Morgan's Tarot. Like I did when I saw Tarot of the Magical Forest on her website, I immediately emailed her and asked where she got that fascinating deck with all the funky drawings and words and she cheerfully told me the name but unfortunately, that it was no longer in print anymore.

 Like the pig headed soul I am, I searched and searched with only one deck to find that I could purchase...for nearly $200.00! I sighed rather defeated and came to the conclusion that I will only be able to admire it from a distance. The Universe, however, works in mysterious ways and Tarot Dame got in touch with me to let me know that U.S. Games was once again going to publish this curious deck..I was pretty darned excited I tell ya!

Morgan's Tarot is a deck of 88 rather unusual cards with messages from "Try to Relax" to "I Come From a Different Planet." In the LWB that accompanies these cards it's introduction states...

"Out of the mystic sixties and into the tantric eighties speeds an unusual vehicle called "Morgan's Tarot." Created to transmit New Age consciousness and energy, Morgan's Tarot was Inspired by various spiritual traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism, but most of the cards reflect direct experience." 

Well, I thought to myself, that's really kind of an odd introduction but I gotta tell ya, this deck is fun! I immediately got this wacky idea that each Monday, I would draw one card to represent the rather existential influences of that particular week and call it "Morgan's Tarot Monday" So with no further ado...Welcome to my inaugural post!

Card of the Week:

From the accompanying booklet:

A common highway sign found in English-speaking countries.
For the astral traveler, a warning not to dip too low.

I sat quite a while trying to think of just what this may mean...was it a deep meaningful but just beyond reach thought meant to open up the consciousness or was it simply as it said, be careful going around curves? I Googled the phrase and looked at all the listed reasons of why to be careful going around curves and came to the conclusion that it in most part it's to avoid getting banged up by whatever may be laying in wait just beyond said curve. 

Maybe, metaphorically speaking, during our busy days we get to speeding along our various directions with places to go, people to see and things to do that we forget the most important attention and watch where we are going, lest we end up knocking over who or what is just beyond the other side of the curve and quite possibly cause injury to both parties...

Who or what can I avoid knocking over or running into this week?


Fire Lyte said...

Now THAT's a deck I could get behind. Simple. Direct. I like that I don't have to hunt around my subconscious to make sense of various symbols and colors and shapes, etc. for a card's meaning. I can't wait to see the rest of the cards!


Avie said...

Such an interesting deck! I have nominated you for an award on my page.


Stella Seaspirit said...

This is a refreshing perspective, thanks for sharing Liz!
Bright Blessings*