Jul 30, 2010

Terrific Tarot Spread!

Catherine Chapman, over at Tarot Elements created a wonderful spread called "The Logical Levels Spread" and when I did this spread for myself, I found out

that the cards were frighteningly accurate so I thought I would share my results with you. Here is what she says about this spread...

"These 6 levels explore the areas of human thought and behaviour based on beliefs and your sense of self. It’s a seemingly simple model, mocked by some in NLP but hailed by others. I personally think it’s great introduction work into looking at yourself, or your goals and desires. It helps you identify where you are in, or out, of alignment with what you want to achieve. The levels are stacked because it’s believed that those at the lower levels are easier to change than those at the higher levels, ie, changing your environment or a behaviour is thought to be easier than changing your sense of self or identity."

Here is her Layout:

Here's the rundown: I live in a Knight of Cups Environment, where I am behaving like the Three of Swords  using my Nine of Swords capabilities based on my Lovers beliefs. I  see myself as the Six of Cups but my true self is more like the Six of Wands.

The Environment- The Knight of Cups...This card tells me that the environment surrounding me is one of sharing my ideas and feelings and if there are those whom do not understand me then I need not worry about it because there are so many out there that do. Lighten up, girl!

Behavior- The Three of Swords...This card tells me that I need to make clear, logical choices and that perhaps those type of decisions are difficult for me because I have a lot of worries and self doubts regarding myself.  I am more that capable and every problem has a solution,  I need to remember this.

Capabilities- Nine of Swords...This card implies that I have a tendency to criticize myself and put myself down, boy this card certainly smacked me in my face! Ever since I can remember, I've been extremely hard on myself, always expecting perfection when I know it is an unrealistic expectation.

Beliefs- The Lovers...This card refers to my desire to form and deepen my personal relationships with others and improve my connections and my need to seek out a meaningful relationship.

Identity-Six of Cups...This card signifies that I may be seeing my identity as who I was when I was younger and not who I am now. I have grown and matured and perhaps I need to update my view of myself.

Spirit- Six of Wands...This card is admonishing me to relish my victories and accomplishments rather than relying on the old "put down" tape recording my head likes to play for me. I have had successes and I should be proud!

The Summary: Perhaps I worry too much about the fact that others may not understand me rather than those that do and if I worry less and turn my focus on the solutions to a problem and not the problems themselves, I will be less likely to feel I need to criticize myself and I can realize my potential of feeling good about each little success or victory and therefore update the perspective in which I see myself. Whew! I just love my tarot cards, they're always honest and cut straight to the heart of the matter. So, stop by Catherine's website and try this spread for yourself

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