Mar 17, 2009

The Fine Art Of Juggling...

I did a reading that included this card today and thought it would be fun to investigate it's varied but connected meanings.

The Two of Pentacles indicates that one might experience progressive change now. there is the ability to cope with two or more situations, having learned to juggle them both but much more will be achieved once a decision is made. Think before you act... reflect on things... take a good look at your situation. Be patient time and reflection will reveal how you are doing and what your next move will be. It is essential that you maintain harmony. Do not allow this change or these disturbing influences upset you, let yourself play be flexible and venturesome it will provide scope for your intuition. Put on that happy face that the little fox exhibits.

Emotional tranquility brings clarity. Sometimes it is difficult see to the bottom of things if the surface is all stirred up. Step back from it all even if only for a moment. Expect to receive acknowledgment and reassuring news. Stop believing that spiritual development occurs only in serious moments .... pleasure and amusement can teach you a great deal, as long as you are willing to pay attention.

What two or more situations are you handling with ease... What are you adapting to.... What do you want to change in your home, profession, status, finances? What are you juggling in order to keep stable... money, finances, lifestyle? In what ways can you maybe play and use your adaptability in stressful situations?

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