Mar 22, 2009

Serenity Sunday

What happens when we die? This is a question no one can answer, given that no one has been to death and back to tell us the truth. Christians believe that the good go to Heaven while the sinners go to hell, and Buddhists and Hindus believe we are reincarnated until we reach nirvana. What do wiccans believe? Well, as the Wiccan religion isn't exactly an organized religion, it depends on who you ask.

Most wiccans believe in the Summerland, which is a paradise much like the christian heaven. All people, except spirits who remain behind lost and wandering, go to the Summerland, even the wicked. The Summerland will be different for everyone, their own version of Shangri-La. There, they can be reunited with their loved ones, look over those they left behind on Earth, and take time to recuperate from life. Our time in the Summerland is spent processing what we learned, recovering from the hardships, walking with the Lord and Lady and being one with them, and then planning our next life.

I have never really sat down and thought about reincarnation but I have entertained the idea of rather than another life we are to live...what if it's more like the next level or plane of existence that we are transitioned into. I do believe that when our bodies die, our energy (or soul if you choose,) does indeed go me I envision it as a veil of sorts. This energy is around us all of the time but we cannot see it as it is just beyond our vibrational plane.....but as I've said, I have really not explored this area of belief in depth but that would be an excellent topic for a future blog!

My List

1.) My children

2.) My cats

3.) My friends

4.) The cool green grass beneath my bare feet

5.) Warm rain on my face on a summer evening

6.) The smell of fresh baked bread

7.) The laughter of small children

8.) The rush of my breath as I inhale deeply

9.) Finding a new grey hair on my head

10.) Nighttime chirping of crickets and croaking of frogs

I picked a few unusual things to be grateful for this week, there were a couple losses in my little corner of the world and I believe that the things I love to complain about the most are probably the most important things that I would miss in my life. How easy it is to go about life and grouse about what isn't right in my life, but what about that which is right? Notice the little things...that annoying snore your partner has...the irritating way that your children smack their lips when they chew gum or finding coffee and sugar sloshed on the counter and not wiped up... because if all that were gone the empty silence would be deafening.

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