Mar 29, 2009

Serenity Sunday

This last week we implemented a plan for the children in the hopes that our combined environment would become more peaceful and organized....So far I am very happy to report that this system has worked out rather well and the children are going with the flow and adjusting nicely. My number one observation that has resulted from this past week has been that children love structure, they crave it as a matter of fact. The schedule of specific times for specific activities has given them a better sense of security as they are all aware of what their responsibilities are as opposed to wanting to be in control of things that are being taken care of by the adults in the household.

Although our two families come from different backgrounds, my roommate Coral and I do share the same history of parents with addictions. Things were very chaotic when we were growing up and therefore we decided long ago to break the unhealthy cycles and patterns that had been passed down from generation to generation. It's had it's difficult times but with hard work and a lot of patience things are going to be alright.

My list:

1.) My children

2.) My friends

3.) My cats

4.) Learning from past mistakes

5.) My willingness to let go and let the Universe handle it

6.) Time for myself

7.) The scent of the air after a rainstorm

8.) Finding the positive in a negative situation

9.) Knowing hope is always present

10.) Seeing joy on another's face

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