Mar 7, 2009

Open Minds

The Akashic Records refer to the frequency grid programs that create our reality. The Akashic records (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") together are a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence. The concept is prevalent in new age thought. and is understood to have existed since the beginning of creation (some even say before). Just as we have various specialty libraries ( medical and law), there are said to exist various Akashic Records ( animal, plant, mineral, etc) encoding Universal lore. Most writings refer to the Akashic Records in the area of human experience but it is understood that all phenomenal experience as well as transcendental knowledge is encoded therein.

The Akasha is said to be the library of all events and responses concerning consciousness in all realities. Every life form therefore contributes and has access to the Akashic Records. It is asserted that to gain access into the Akashic Records, every individual human can become the physical medium, and various techniques and spiritual disciplines ( yogic, pranayama, meditation, prayer, visualization) can be employed to quiet the mind, become a "witness" and achieve the focused, pre-conscious state necessary to access the Records.

I'm not quite sure about many of the theories that abound but I do know there is something else beyond our physical world. I do believe that energy cannot be destroyed nor does it dissipate once our physical bodies cease. Science has proved that this energy exists in us as does it in all natural, living things. Let me hypothesize for a moment...Just what if we do go on long after this world... what if a select few can tap into this energy or Akashic record? The possibilities can boggle the mind and all I ask is for you to consider is... "What if?"

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Celestite said...

I never call the Elements without also calling on Akasha. In my practice the circle is incomplete without that energy to hold it together.