Mar 8, 2009

Serenity Sunday


Gratitude is an emotion that occurs after people receive help, depending on how they interpret the situation. Specifically, gratitude is experienced if people perceive the help they receive as (a) valuable to them, (b) costly to their benefactor, and (c) given by the benefactor with benevolent intentions (rather than ulterior motives).

My list for today:

1.) My children

2.) My friends


4.) Sunshine and rainbows

5.) My incorrigible kitties

6.) Cute animal pictures

7.) Fresh brewed coffee

8.) My electric blankie

9.) Ceremonial sage

10.) Good neighbors

1 comment:

Hibiscus Moon said...

I love your weekly gratitude lists. They are so inspiring and put me in a gracious and positive mood. Thank you. :) Happy Sunday to you.