Mar 26, 2009


Sunshine...brightly upon the glass,

reflections dancing across the cool water;

testing nature, will each moment pass.

Growing acquainted to the creation,

new birth sprouting from the womb;

changing rules by the nation.

Sunshine glimmering across the sea,

fishes skimming top and bottom;

birds are flying high and free.

People testing it's ultimate power,

forgetting who holds it in his hand;

fearing the coming of the midnight hour.

Showers purify the damage that is done,

from trees the world cut down;

as some battles are never won.

Sunshine still shining rays producing,

changes brought on by modern man;

new ideas they are always introducing.

Sunshine fading, as the ocean rises,

effecting tides, waves, and seasons;

the earth has many surprises.

Marilyn Wilke Ramone

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