Oct 2, 2009


I'd like to introduce you to one of Rome's little known civic goddess' Fides. You may recognize her name as the origins of more commonly known words such as fidelity and infidel but her name simply means ...faith. Fides can represent many types of faith like the faith (fidelity) between married couples, faith in a government but more importantly the faith that exists between man and deity. There were sacrifices to Fides and people wore a white cloth around their hands to symbolize their faith and honor.

How do you describe faith actually...? How can it be put into easy to understand terms...? I think that it is more of a concept than a simple definition or word, it describes something that just is. Most of us come to paganism or wicca because of the abandonment we feel towards other faiths... usually christianity or judaism.  

We may feel let down or somehow shoved aside. I know in my experience, there was always something missing but I could never really put my finger on it. I tried very hard for several years but I just felt that I was lacking. I wore a cross, sang the hymns, and for a long time never missed a service...so how come it just didn't seem right? Did I have that little faith in god? Why was it so easy for some people?

It wasn't until paganism found me that I knew I was right where I belonged. It just resonated with me and it felt like had "come home" I wear my pentacle with pride now...I show the world that who I am and the way I choose to live are one in the same, not because I recited the rosary or lit a red candle and went to confession but because I realize that I am a part of deity...I am connected to the universe and everything in it.

My pentacle necklace is my way of showing my faith, of holding true to myself and others that identify themselves as pagan or wiccan. What symbol of faith do you wear...?  How does it represent your faith?


Sloan said...

"It wasn't until paganism found me that I knew I was right where I belonged. It just resonated with me and it felt like had "come home"..." This is really how it is with me right now. It was not until just a little while ago, that I really felt I had really found something, paganism. But then I realized, Iv always (/sorta/) had it, but I never knew what it was.

Great post. Love it Liz, keep up the great work.

His Precious said...

I have two necklaces that I alternate wearing, depending on my feelings that morning. One is a Witches Knot, the other is a Floral Goddess Pentagram. It took me a long time to be at ease being Pagan. I'm SO much happier now!

Bridgett said...

When I find my perfect pentacle...that will absolutley be the jewelry I wear to represent my faith.

I'm just waiting for that certain piece which speaks to me...

I do hope I find it soon though...I'm getting impatient. :)