Oct 21, 2009

"What Is....?" Wednesday

When the moon is Void Of Course.....

The term VOID OF COURSE refers to the condition of the Moon between the moment it performed the last major aspect with another planet in its current sign and the moment of stepping into the next sign. *Not to be confused with Mercury In Retrograde which turns things upside down with snafus... technical crashes.. delays....and general widespread confusion.* 

Why is this important....?

When someone starts working with Lunar energies, they start with maybe following the Moon as she moves from sign to sign and learning about the influences which change as she changes signs every few days. Then they may then start planning activities according to the phase of the Moon... starting projects at or after the New Moon, watching them come to fruition at full and using the waning phases to evaluate and wrap up and finally ending the project as the Moon becomes dark again.

Eventually, they will come across the term, Void-of-course Moon or the indicator v/c or VOC. This is a special condition of the Moon which occurs for varying amounts of time as the Moon moves from one sign to the next and makes aspects to the other planets and if used can be a very effective way to get the cosmic energies to make life go more in your favor.

So... Now what...?

Many people feel scattered or without direction during the void period. It is a good time for introspection/reflection and getting centered and focused. Often, purchases made during this time turn out to be poorly made, left unused, plagued with mechanical problems, or generally a bad investment.

Mostly I just try to keep in mind when doing magickal workings, to always check my  calendar and work around the Void.  In my experience with spells and rituals is that basically  I am just  wasting my  time if I do any kind of magic when the moon is void of course.

( Note To Self: Check the Mercury in Retrograde chart...because this has to be the umpteenth time I have tried to save and post this!)


mxtodis123 said...

So true. Sometimes I get so scattered at those times that I will walk out to the kitchen and then just stand there. "What did I come out here for?" Then, go back to my room only to remember what I had gone for...Of course, aging has a lot to do with it, too. LOL!!!

Rue said...

Thank the gods for an Almanac! I do try to be aware what sign the moon is in, and if it's VOC as much as possible. Sometimes I get lazy though - so thanks for reminder to do a little research before starting something that might not work anyway!