Oct 6, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

With all the great giveaway's and prizes this month on several blogs all the way  up to  Halloween, I  just had to use my favorite deck for this season...The Halloween Tarot  by Karin Lee with artwork by Kipling West. I use this one quite a lot this time of year and folks really get a kick out of it's whimsical characters and their escapades. I drew the card  Death and I know I've pulled this card for Tarot Tuesday from another deck before but the happy little skeleton just grabbed my attention.

The first image that jumps right out there is the skeleton's expression as he waters two large grinning pumpkins. On this card it seems that everything is light hearted, even the two sunflowers at the edge of the card are smiling. Death,  indeed, is not a dark or frightening prospect... it is a natural, regenerative and transformational process of life... in fact if we do not weed out the old.. the new cannot take root. Endings are necessary in order for new growth (progress) to occur.

Although endings can be sudden, unexpected and yes, even shocking, it jolts us out of our ruts and into a new way of being. Instead of bemoaning that which was lost and gone...look for the gifts and new possibilities that can now take place. As the old saying goes " When one door closes, another one will open."

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If I haven't missed you, please let me know what spook-tacular  stuff is happening on your blog!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I recently read a funny variation on the old saying you mention in today's post: "When one door closes, a window opens. But sometimes it's hell in the hallway." LOL, but true sometimes!

Bridgett said...

I do love that Tarot deck! :)


Rue said...

This is my favourite deck too. I use it year round! Funny that you should show this card today, as I've had Kali on my mind, and most people think she's all about death - but really she's about release and new beginnings!

Blessings to you!

His Precious said...

OH! Nice deck! I did the lil' "what tarot card are you" thing and I was Death! But right, you have to look at both sides. Thanks for pluggin' my Blog!

Blessings to ya!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Death, indeed, is not a dark or frightening prospect... it is a natural, regenerative and transformational process of life... in fact if we do not weed out the old.. the new cannot take root. Endings are necessary in order for new growth (progress) to occur.

The above is such a nice way to view death and why it must occur. I always tell my boys that there granddaddy id now a wandering spirit that gets to watch over them as they live their life every day.

Thanks for the post.

Do you have any other tarot card recommendations. I love the ones you have shown... very fun.