Oct 18, 2009

Serenity Sunday

When we were children, our parents were the people who made our everyday choices for us...if we were lucky, our parents made wise choices that took into account our safety and well being and helped us grow into mature, well grounded, loving, respectful, law abiding people. When we became adults, we were responsible for our own choices and as a result, the consequences depending on whether they were wise choices or foolish ones. I thank the goddess for this unbelievable freedom that we, in the democratic society are part of, can make our own choices and not have them made for us.

How often do we take this great gift for granted...? In many other countries there is not that option and much of what they read, hear or buy is decided by someone else. I ask today that you sit down and truly imagine just what it would mean to you if the choices we are presented with every day were suddenly taken away... How would you react...? What kind of atmosphere would you be living in...? I am grateful that I can decide what kinds of books I like to read, radio stations I like to listen to and which television channels I find interesting.... and  the ability to make my voice heard....to think thoughts I choose to think and have the opinions I choose to have.

My List:

1.) My children

2.) My friends

3.) Choices

4.) Pansies

5.) Splashing through puddles

6.) Pumpkins

7.) Pagan/wiccan podcasts

8.) Digital cameras

9.) Soaking in the tub

10.) Scented candles


mxtodis123 said...

Great post. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for our freedoms.

Bridgett said...

I can't imagine a life without the freedom of choice. I truly can't.

Great list.