Oct 12, 2009

Magical Monday

Inspiration can come in many ways and bringing a little magic into your daily life is not as difficult as most would think. What is it that moves or inspires you? The sound of ocean waves...the scent of a forest in the morning mist...the sound of birds chirping outside your window...the feel of fresh fallen leaves under bare feet? Sometimes it can be as simple as pulling weeds from the garden or watering flowers in your window boxes.

Sometimes though, we just can't find inspiration and just feel bogged down and stagnant... it can happen to the best of us and when we get focused on that which is not happening, we can miss the small moments of magical inspiration that occur quite often...we just need to listen with all our senses.

A great way to break through the occasional slump I can fall into is to get up, get out and take a walk. There's a terrific local park close by with lots of tall trees, soft green grass and soon...plenty of fallen leaves. I find a tree (preferrably an older, wise looking tree) and sit down at it's base and close my eyes. I listen to the birds chirping, smell the damp grass, I feel the energy of the tree resonating within me.

After spending a half an hour or so, I feel refreshed and renewed...ready to start aknowledging the everyday inspirations that I may have missed before. What are some ways that you  bring the magical, the inspiration of the natural world into your everyday life? I have found that the more I take time to just be still, to listen, touch, smell and hear what mother earth is presenting to me to inspire my life, the more sensitive I am when these little moments happen.


Sloan said...

Just finding a (good) book and starting to read. It helps me expand my imagination, which I think is the best and most powerful magic of all. Without imagination, we would not be where we were today.

Love your blog Lizzie, keep up the good work and inspiring pieces.

Anna said...

A great post! I take a few seconds EVERY time I walk outside to close my eyes take a deep breath through my nose and out my mouth then I look up at the sky and smile. It allows me to reconnect for whatever period I am outside even if its a walk to my car :-)

Rue said...

I like to pick up rocks while I walk. It makes me feel like a kid again, but then when I put them in my car and on my desk, it's like I have that tiny bit of Nature with me everywhere.

And when I'm feeling a bit of road rage, there's nothing like grounding with some rocks from the river! LOL!

Bridgett said...

Yes...grounding ourselves with the earth. That always works, doesn't it? I know it does for me.

I get such contentment weeding my herbs, trimming them up, and harvesting them. And this time of year, my creativity and inspiration is soaring.

It's during the tail-end of long winters that I start feeling less than inspired.