Oct 13, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

Today I'm writing about the Five of Pentacles from the Robin Wood Tarot Deck. I like this deck because, for one, it's the deck I use for my Tarot Shadow Work and two, it is a more pagan themed deck and is easier to use than some of the more complex decks like Crowley's Thoth deck.

Robin Wood designed this deck after noticing that a lot of Judeo/Christian decks used symbolism that was not drawn very well and  colors that were a bit odd and a little depressing and there were not many (at that time, if any) that were wiccan/pagan in nature.

The Five of Pentacles is all about misery...being left out in the cold...people who cannot find common ground and impoverishment ( whether it be spiritual, physical or mental). In this scene, we can see two figures who face away from each other, one standing and one sitting with her hand out as if reaching out for solace. When I see this card in a reading, it usually suggests to me a type of cold shoulder situation or two people who are so set on their viewpoint they are unable or unwilling to empathize with the other.

The building behind these two figures may represent a church or institution that offers aid or shelter. It stands behind them with it's brilliantly shining stained glass windows and solid brick structure that may indicate a feeling of being seperated or ignored by the mainstream church or facilities that are designed to render aid only to turn those away who do not fit their qualifications.

The lesson that I always gleen from this card is that we are all connected and must help each other in times of need for if we choose to turn our backs, we run the risk of finding ourselves in dire need of assistance and not having anyone to turn to (burning our bridges so to speak.)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like your "shunned outsider" interpretation of the Poverty Card -- thanks for that insight!

Anastasia said...

Thank you for your thoughts on this card. I have just started studying tarot and so this has been so helpful.

Bridgett said...

That deck looks beautiful.

Thanks again for the tarot lessons.


Rue said...

I just heard a Pagan podcast talk about this deck and how they loved it! Thanks for showing us a bit!