Oct 20, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

There's  a new  podcast in town and I really encourage you to listen, it's called SpiritsCast by Feithline Stuart....and I quote  " It is the mission of this show to bring you information and education about a wide range of spiritual practices and beliefs, including but not limited to divination, devotion, ritual, spellcrafting, personal empowerment, meditation, and healing. There are plans in the works to create a series of thirteen special supplementary shows that will help you build your own foundational spiritual practice. I hope to interview emerging and established pagan and spiritual authors, practitioners, and musicians, too!"  Great show Fey, I can't say enough!

 On this podcast she does a tarot section and after listening to the very first pocast, I was inspired to try her method of pulling a card each morning. I usually do something similar but in the evening and I pull three cards. I have been doing this the last two mornings and disturbingly enough on both mornings I pulled the Eight of Cups. 

Hmm, the cards are really trying to get my attention! It's always difficult to read for myself because objectivity can be lost. Anyhow, I'm going to set aside my apprehension and talk about the eight of Cups as if I were reading for someone.

In this card we can see a figure who is walking away from eight golden cups behind him. He has crossed a stream and is headed to an unknown destination. This card has always bothered me because Cups  are  associated with emotions and matters of the heart and to get this card two days in a row symbolizes to me a message of  urgency. I notice that there is an empty spot in the top row of cups suggesting that there is "something missing."

Perhaps despite the golden cups that are present, he has gone off to find the the cup that contains something that he requires...maybe although he has eight golden cups, they mean nothing without that Ninth Cup...(keeping in mind the Nine of Cups is called the "wish card").  The Eight of Cups is about disappointment, abandonment issues, weariness and searching for a deeper meaning.

On this level, I can agree with the Eight of Cups as I sometimes feel like there is a key component of my spirituality that had been lacking and I indeed I had been searching for a deeper meaning, especially in light of my recent move and the reasons I had for cutting all ties with someone I once considered family. It left me very disappointed, feeling extremely weary and more than a bit sad and now as I type this all out, I can see that this card is telling me to move on as the Eight of Cups is sending me the message that this situation was long overdue for a change ( my daily practice had started to suffer over the last few months) and not to hang on to outdated ways of being.... but to forge on and continue building my spirituality.

I apologize for the rambling tone in this post but sometimes if I reason things out, I can finally get the whole picture. I used the Universal Waite Tarot because I prefer it's colors as opposed to the strong use of yellows in the original Rider Wait deck.


Rue said...

I think your eight of cups is definitely telling you something!

I was so happy to see that Fey had a new podcast - I was really missing The Dark Side of Fey! I haven't heard this one yet - but I've got it on my iPod. Maybe tomorrow.

Sloan said...

I was sad when i saw the words "Final espisode" download for the Dark Side of Fey, but its not so bad since she is starting a new one. I am very happy about that. :D I certainly think the eight of cups is trying to give you a message, esp. if you pull it two days in a row.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I always think of the Eight of Cups as the "Midlife Crisis" card. The querent is fed up, "can't stand no more" and wants to make a dramatic change in their life.

Feithline said...

I always think of the 8 of Cups as needing to leave the world behind to delve in the inner life for a while. It's a call to introspection, to digging in your own dirt. Often, there's an element of denial apparent when the card comes up - you're trying to ignore something that's wrong, and you're being challenged to go deep and confront it. The card mirrors the Hermit (the staff, the robe, the path up the hill) in that this time is necessary to your attaining that level of wisdom.

I think of it as my 'ordered to take time off' card. When I get it, I know I need some time in silence and solitude to suss things out.

Lizzie, I'd love it if you'd share this in Tarot Share at the SpiritsCast forum.