May 6, 2010


I received a wonderful award the other day from my blogger friend,  The Insomniac, (thank you so much this award really made my day!) it's the Happiness Blog Award! So, with no further's my award and Ten Things That Make Me Happy.....

1.) My kids. (even when they argue and tattle on each other because one day it will be too quiet)

2.) Cool grass under my bare feet.

3.)The smell of fresh ground coffee

4.) Staring at the clouds as they cross the sky, just because I can.

5.) Sleeping in....*sigh*

6.) Fishing.

7.) Vegetables straight from the garden soil.

8.) New tarot decks and matching bags.

9.) Terrific readers!

10.) Ghost Hunter's (marathon's especially!)

1 comment:

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on your award, sweet Liz...Your list is wonderful; isn't life nice when we can find happiness/gratefulness in the simple things?...More people should try it!!