May 13, 2010

Life Is Good Award

Avie over at Hearthwitch Cottage has passed a wonderful award to me called the "Life is Good Award!"

I love the idea of this award, it goes right along with my philosophy of life and my Serenity Sunday posts, thank you Avie! With this award are a few questions I need to answer, we go!

1. What is the most memorable dream you have ever had? 
That would be where I was able to speak to my beloved grandparents one more time

2. Do you have a 'spirit' or totem animal or an animal you feel particularly connected with?
I would have to say my animal totems find me...cats. If there is a stray or injured cat it will find me...sometimes they are not even injured or lost...they just look me up!

3. If you could go on any journey tomorrow, where would you end up?
I have always wanted to see Ireland, hopefully one day I will. I have a few visitors to my blog from Ireland and always want to ask everything I can about the Emerald Isle!

4. A cozy winter's eve by the hearth or a warm summer's day by the sea?
Definitely the sea, I'm hooked on that wonderful sea air and sounds of crashing waves.

5. If you could conquer one fear, what would it be?
Goodness, can I only pick one?! (hee, hee)

6. What is your favorite poem?
I don't have a favorite poem per se but I'm a HUGE fan of Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax"

7. What are your most frequently used herbs and what do you use them for?
Patchouli, I use it for any spell or ritual that deals with emotional type issues and I love the smell!

8. Savory snacks or sweet puddings?
I'm a savory snack type for sure!

9. What is one thing you wish to achieve this year?
Seriously, overcoming my anxiety of going outside my comfort zone.

10. What would your perfect day consist of?
A day with no stress, spent at the Irish seaside laughing and making sand castles.

And...(drum roll please) five nominees...

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Dreamwriter said...

Thank you so much..I just posted my award and questions :)

Fire Lyte said...

HEHE!!! Oh Liz, don't tell Velma about the Patchouli! You know how she feels about it!


Jacqueline said...

Thank you for thinking of our blog; you are such a sweet soul, Liz...I'm behind on a few awards already, but will post this one with the rest and link your blog soon...I enjoyed your answers and hope Life is Good becomes one of your mantras; it's one of mine!...Have a lovely day.

Crystalrainbow said...

Congrats :) great answers too ty x