May 4, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

I received my Shadowscapes Tarot last Friday and have studiously been looking at each card and the artwork since I got them. This is an absolutely gorgeous deck! I read some reviews that were less than favorable, stating that these cards were "too busy" but I found that not to be the case as I looked through them. If you look very closely, you can see the intricate detail in the woodland scene of fairies and other small beings gathering around this tea party to enjoy a spot of tea and good times.

Each card has detail but I do not find that distracting at all, moreover, I truly think that all the little details simply add to the intuitive reading process to form a complete and accurate picture of just what they are trying to say to me. As I looked at them, one by one, I instantly noticed several that will become my favorites...I picked the one that I liked the best to speak about today...

The Six of Cups

"She wanders along the path until she comes to her destination. The creek burbles along it's bed not far from her chosen spot, and she sets up her table and teacups to receive her visitors- first her friends from home, with their shiny button eyes and thread-sewn smiles..." Thus begins the journey into the magical  world of the Six of Cups.

This whimsical scene reminds us of all the innocence and nostalgia of childhood with it's fairy tale like atmosphere that evokes the imagination and daydreams we so often remember from the days when we were young. A  girl pours the tea for her honored guests, teddy bears and bunnies, who patiently await the ceremony. Fish swim up the creek whispering quietly of emotions, psychic and intuitive arts, fantasy and illusion that the suit of Cups represent.

This card marks a time in our lives when we give of ourselves our talents and skills freely without concern. We are undaunted in our efforts to shine our inner light into the world. We fear no retribution. We work in cooperation of a universal flow, and we know that nothing but goodness and kindness rises to meet our endeavors.

In a reading, the Six of Cups can also warn of building castles in the air... though day dreaming  you can visualise your dreams into your current reality but only if you ensure that you have solid foundations on which to build your future. Connections with the past are likely to reappear when the Six arrives and past efforts are set to pay off. Release yourself from nostalgia and be prepared to change behaviors, rose colored glasses have a way of altering the reality of how "the good old days" may have actually been. 

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