May 17, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday

Who is watching the cosmic drama?

Some answers: 
(a) You (b) Me (c) It hasn't started yet. (d) We (the gods such as the Greek gods on Olympus) invented the drama for kicks and then forgot who we were and started believing that it is real.

Like the "Who Am I?" and the "What Are You Feeling Now?" cards, this card is a meditative tool for increasing awareness.

Drama...In my little world, I like to avoid it like the plague but sometimes it just seems to creep in when it's least expected. I can remember vividly, a time when I was just seven or mom and I were in Sears I believe and I witnessed a kid around the same age having a tantrum to put all others to shame. I thought to myself, I bet if they could see themselves they would be terribly embarrassed! I know some adults act that way too.

Why don't the police have the authority to hand out  "Stupidity Tickets?"


Fire Lyte said...

I'm so jealous of this deck. Looks like a great meditative tool!


City Wiccan said...

I second the "stupid tickets".