May 24, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday

Messages Monday

On Monday a message will come, revealing what your next move should be in carrying out the master plan. Your situation will become clearer.

Well, this is an interesting card! How funny, it's Monday too...I'm going to draw another card to see just what the message today is.....

Don't worry, you can DO NO WRONG

In the context of a reading, this card often means that you cannot fail in your present situation. Whatever you decide to do will benefit the project you have in mind.
The present confusion is part of a divine plan.

Wow...Ok, let's see here...This card is the message, alright...What I hear the cards saying is similar the the Six of Wands... recognition, a pat on the back...a small victory, recognition for a job well done. I have been trying to get my herb garden planted for a little over a week now but so far the weather has been less than cooperative...thunderstorms, hail and gusty winds, torrential rain... As it is, things are are not advancing as they should but maybe I need to just ride out the delays (even if it seems like the weather will not be sunny anytime soon) because I know I will get it done and it will turn out better than I had planned and I just may garner a compliment or two.

*Note to Self: Stay away from SuperCuts this week.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

You know I just posted about identity and trying to define who we are, then a couple of people replied that they are going through some kind of identity crisis. I liked what your cards said, for it reinforces what I think: everything happens for a reason and it is part of Fate's master plan.