May 31, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday

And there I was...SURROUNDED

Surrounded by the various and sometimes bizarre creatures of nature, I received a message. It said: "You and the earth are one".

In the center of this card is a large flower surrounded by other smaller flowers, how often as we go about our busy days do we stop and take notice or appreciate the sheer beauty of nature whether intricate in design or even a bit on the bizarre side ( duck billed platypus, I rest my case). Every living thing is a part of the Universe and therefor divine, the spirit moves through us all...plant, tree, flower, stone and human. 

Take time out and notice all that is in nature, how complete and perfect it is.


Rue said...

Going out for a walk right now to notice some Nature....

City Wiccan said...

That's nice! Needed that reminder in my hectic day.