Jun 17, 2010

Book Review- "Psychic, My Life In Two Worlds"

I was recently asked to review a new book out by Sylvia Brown called "Psychic, My life in two worlds" by Harper One publishing and was totally thrilled to have the privilege. I had known about Sylvia in my periphery but had never really explored the world of predictions or anything much in the psychic realm so this was an excellent opportunity to learn a little more about the field as well as get to read a really great book.

In the beginning of her book, Sylvia takes a realistic and objective look at her life and speaks about her childhood, of her doting father, Bill and self-involved mother Celeste and writes about her formative years of growing up in a decidedly dysfunctional home. She speaks candidly about her father who adored his young daughter and frequently called  her "The apple of his eye" and remembers fondly the love of her maternal grandmother, who became her guiding force in the psychic development of her gifts. I can remember well my grandmother and I having such a strong bond, not anything psychic mind you but it was refreshing to remember my own childhood.

Along her journey she writes about her introduction to her spirit guide, Francine, and goes in depth about how our spirit guides work and just what their purpose is in working with us. I found Sylvia's no nonsense attitude and positive outlook on the times in her life that were at most, more than many of us could probably handle, extremely validating and shows a great example of how not allowing  negativity to taint us opens up so many more possibilities in our lives. 

Sylvia's experiences in love are a shining example of her humanity and although being a gifted psychic she also a woman just trying to understand this crazy world we live in. My heart went out to her as I read her accounts of heartbreak and her indomitable spirit while learning to take the chance at love again. I can see that even she has up's and down's like the rest of us and life is not always easy or uncomplicated.

Sylvia's book impresses upon me that just because bad things can happen to good people, there are always lessons learned and something to have been gained by slogging through the bad times. We learn strength, wisdom and even sense of humor and great love of life. This theme was reinforced throughout this book and I have walked away feeling her  love for life as well as her personal tenacity like no other. I definitely give this book a big "Lizzie's Logic" seal of approval.


Bonnie Cehovet said...

I first came across Sylvia Brown many years ago on a middle of the night psychic show on a cable channel in Las Vegas. She was very real then, she is very real now. Great review!

Jacqueline said...

She is very convincing and seems like the real thing to me; I saw her a few times, years ago, on Montel Williams and always believed in her gifts...Hope your week is filled with joy, Liz!

heathertlc said...

I'm so glad to see you enjoyed this book! It seems that by sharing her failures along with her successes, Sylvia really did show her humanity rather than just her famous persona.

Thanks for being a part of the tour!