Jun 4, 2010

Elemental Dignities-Part Deux

This week, since this subject has so many different components, I'm going to talk about reading three cards with the elements of Fire, Air and Water. Now, before I begin I'd like to list some things to keep in mind while we look at Elemental Dignities.....

~ Which element is strongest?
~ Which element is weakest?
~ Is there an excess of an element?
~ What is the influence of a "missing element?"
~ Is the Principal card active or passive?
~ Is the Principal card Major, Minor or Court?
~ What is the individual meanings of the cards modified and combined according to the analysis?

Okay, now lets color and cut out a Red (Fire) square, a Yellow (Air) square and a Blue (Water) square for this exercise.

The Missing Element

Earth provides stability and support to Fire and Water, but is an enemy of Air. In each of the three following situations, we should expect a lack of practicality or situations that can't last.

~ In a horizontal line place the Red (Fire) square.. the Yellow (Air) square and the Blue (Water) square. 

Lets look at our colors...Now, the center card we will call the "Principle" and the two side cards we will call the "Modifiers"~

 The Air card (or principle) is Friendly with both Fire and Water and therefore strengthened. It is active and whatever it represents is likely to happen. Keep in mind that Fire and Water are enemies, so  Air is even stronger and can rise over any problems caused by the modifiers. Fire actively supports Air, while Water provides a passive, more emotional role. We could be looking at a thought or idea that is trying to reconcile conflicting actions and feelings. 

~ Now, lay out an Air square, a Fire square and a Water square. ~

Fire is friendly with Air but weakened by Water. Air is the strongest card. However, the Modifiers are friendly to each other and are therefore stronger. As Fire is active and Air supports it, the event is likely to happen but not without either emotional turmoil or a complete disregard for feelings. This could be an action that attempts to be rational and logical, but founders for lack of emotional support.

~ For the last example, lay out a Fire, Water and Air square.~

The Principal is passive, while the modifiers are active. Fire is unfriendly to the Principal and weakens it, while Air strengthens. The Modifiers are friendly. The conclusion is that we have an unsatisfactory situation that is unlikely to change quickly. The Principal is likely to be pulled in different directions. This combination is the weakest we have seen so far. Water is extremely uncomfortable - it is being stirred up or channelled in directions that it does not want to go. The Water could be imagined as steam or a cloud in the air.

Wow, that was certainly an exercise eh? Next week I'll talk about the elements of Fire, Water and Earth and the missing element of Air.

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