Jun 7, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday

"It is not what you do that counts, it is where your head is at"

"Negative feelings or emotions are useless in themselves. Negative attitudes can become positive if one realizes that it is not actions or deeds in themselves that have value, but rather the way one feels. This is not to say actions can be independent of feelings. Harmful actions breed negativity."

"In general, a positive attitude brings more favorable results and as long as you can be objective, your circumstances will not make you anxious or depressed. You have the power to remove negative feelings and replace them with positive ones."

Like the reason for giving, if you give because you look more charitable in the eyes of others, your motivations are totally wrong. No one likes a "martyr" or "look how gracious I am" character, lose the ego and give because it feels good to help that individual or charity out and because it makes you feel good inside to lift a burden from another's shoulders and bring a smile to their face.

"How can I share what I have with someone else this week, because it makes me feel good?"

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Stella Seaspirit said...

There's an award for you here: http://magickal-musings-stella.blogspot.com/