Jun 8, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

The Ten of Swords represents an ending and utter despair. This card signifies the "victim" mentality. It's time for an attitude change, you were at bottom but that can change.

This is the card of despair, mental anguish, ruin and pain. It usually represents an end of something because of treachery, backstabbing, and/or misfortune. The loss seems particularly bad because you didn't see it coming and it takes away something you were counting on.

On this card, we see a man dead with ten swords in him, a bit of overkill. It is a frightening looking card and sometimes everything just... goes... wrong. This is a card that lets the person having their cards read know that, yes, things are as bad as he fears but as the man on the card shows us, the swords have done their worse. It is over.

Although something is coming to an end according to this card, the Ten of Swords suggests that this won't be easy but deep down they know that certain things must happen so that new chapters can begin. They've been through some difficult times and although it won't be an overnight change, things can only get better from here. The number ten represents hope and out of the ashes, the phoenix will rise. New beginnings will be built on firm foundations as they'll have learned through the benefit of experience.


Sloan said...

I just got my first pack of Tarot Cards! A Rider-Waite deck. c:

Vipera Kernewes said...

What deck did you use to illustrate this post please? I found the picture most interesting and it gives plenty for symbolic analysis. Why, for instance, is the victim face up, instead of the more usual face down? He saw this coming, I suppose. The open book seems to have more than one interpretation. Someone "threw the book at him" perhaps, or his life was "an open book" - I´m sure there are many more. Even the colouring is interesting, especially the coloured swords.