Jun 21, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday


Check the pipe connection of the source northeast of Samarkand. If it's not there we can still come out in Oaxacn.

Actually, we have an infinite amount of energy from which to draw. In the same way, there are an infinite number of redwood trees. Though it may be true that "if you've seen one redwood tree you've seen them all," somewhere there is another redwood tree quite similar to the one destroyed. Unfortunately, it is in the seventeenth dimension of a universe zibbly times distant from ours. But if you know how to solve the transportation problem, there is no problem.

I truly feel we are wasting our precious resources and generally take our planet for granted. Take the Gulf oil spill for example...so much devastation and needless loss of wildlife, sea life and the livelihood of those that make their living from those industries. Our natural world is suffering at our hands and those in position of power seem to do nothing. What can you do today, no matter how small, to improve the world in which we live?

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