Jun 22, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Six of Disks

"Success and gain in material undertakings. Power, influence, rank, nobility, rule over the people. Fortunate, successful, liberal and just. If ill dignified, may be purse-proud, insolent from
excess, or prodigal"
Since I'm just learning the Thoth deck, I had a difficult time with this card. In a RWS, it is about charity and giving but Thoth seems to have a slightly different perspective....

The Lord of Success is a delicious card, indicating that we have achieved a natural state of inner balance and harmony which allows us to use our energies without diversion nor interference. More often than not, these energies are directed into practical channels - in the workplace, dealing with things in the home environment.

This is because Disks are about the more mundane aspects of everyday life, and about home and family - some people see Disks as purely money-related, but this is a misunderstanding of their deep function. Rather than interpreting Disks purely in a financial context, we are better served by seeing them as relating to the basic nuts and bolts of security. This includes money and finances, of course, but also covers all sorts of other areas too - the basic trust and reliability of our friends and family, the nature of our home, the set of tasks which form our job. However…I digress ;-)

On a day ruled by the 6 of Disks, we need to be taking stock of our overall position in a practical sense. This is a day to sort out your bank accounts, check your credit card balance, look in your birthday book for upcoming important dates, check what food you have in the freezer, about those people closest to you and consider how they’ve been doing recently.

It’s a practical, down-to-earth day where you look around and feel grateful for the things, creatures and people you have in your life. Everybody has something to be grateful for…..and most of us have a lot to be grateful for. And on a day ruled by the Lord of Success it’s time to say thank you!
From Angel Paths

What can we look at in our lives and be grateful for? For me, success is measured very differently from most of the world, I don't count success as how much is in my bank account or how many gadgets I have but smaller more meaningful ways. I have my health and my children, family is a priority and seeing smiles on the faces of my friends means far more than anything monitary. 

How successful I am is measured by the happy memories and fun times I create and I think what it all boils down to is how happy you are with yourself and the life you have made for yourself. It doesn't matter what the neighbors down the street have because true success is measured in little victories like new plants growing in my garden, a certificate from the teacher telling my child that she has the brightest smile in the class, my son who has perfect attendance and the love in our hearts. I am extremely blessed and successful!


Anonymous said...

Really interesting - I particularly like the part about being discs not just standing for our finances - thanks!

Rue said...

I love your take on this card, and on disks/coins/pentacles. When I first picked up the Tarot, I thought they were all about money too - but I see that abundance has so many meanings now.

My sister in law has used the Thoth deck for years and it is her favourite.