Jun 28, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday


"In the realm of constant concern about how to survive, it's nice to know the methods, but being in that realm is
often the result of directing enormous amounts of energy toward believing you are there.

Overwhelming anxiety about being stuck tends to perpetuate the situation."

Did you ever have a worry on your mind that just won't go away... Day after day you worry and fret until you're nearly ready to pull your hair out? Time to sit down and consciously remind yourself that all that worry and stress will never solve the problem, it will only drive up the blood pressure and send you to the Dr.'s. It's time to try other alternatives...maybe what the root of the issue is our choice that ended us up here...It's always wise to plan ahead and choose wisely for in the end we could have avoided the worry all together.

Should I buy the red shoes or the black shoes....?

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