Jan 11, 2011

Death As Essential

The third card that often strikes fear in the hearts of many a querant is Death and does not mean physical death at all... rather, it portrays symbolic death...a change or transformation. Often, it heralds the end of a familiar or more comfortable mode. It conveys a release which is necessary for growth and expansion. Perhaps it even brings a whole new set of principles which will guide you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically or financially.

The Death card signifies getting down to only the essential, and relinquishing everything that is no longer necessary. One natural image to apply to the Death card is that of Autumn and Winter before the Spring. There has to be a period of fields resting fallow and trees dormant and without leaves before new buds and sprouts can appear.

In readings, Death often represents an important ending that will initiate great change. It signals the end of an era; a moment when a door is closing. At such times, there may be sadness and reluctance, but also relief and a sense of completion. Death also suggests getting down to basics. Dying has a way of making you concentrate on what's important. This card reminds you to cut out the unnecessary. Death can also mean you will experience an inexorable force. Death is inevitable, and sometimes there are events that are inescapable as well. When these moments occur, the best approach is to ride your fate and see where it takes you.

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