Jan 28, 2011

The Knight Of Wands

I'm using the beautiful Baroque Bohemian Cat's  Tarot ( Gold Edition) by Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov which you can find at Magic Realist Press. The original Baroque Bohemian Cat's Tarot was my first deck and it was love at first sight! I have been hooked  ( gotta love that "buy now" button!) ever since. I have the First Edition as well, which has Hermes in it as the extra card but the Second and Gold editions have "The Tarot Reader" as their extra card. Anyway, before I digress too far...the card today is The Knight of Wands.

This has got to be my most favorite card in the deck... have any of you ever known the gallant, sweep you off your feet, love 'em and leave 'em type? Well, if not, here's your guy! The Knight of Wands is charming, irresistable and totally without scruples...the typical "bad boy" your mother warned you to stay away from....but oh how charming he can be!

Usually the court cards and their purrsonalities (couldn't resist the pun, sorry) resemble people in our lives and can also reflect qualities within ourselves. When the Knight of Wands makes his appearance in your reading, he brings great energy and charisma and you can easily find yourself getting swept up in all his enthusiasms. This Knight is hardly the "long term commitment" type and gets bored very easily.

If this Knight feels like it is referring to our own behavior we must stop and ask ourselves..."Am I getting caught up in my own qualities and energy that I am forgetting to be caring and thoughtful towards others." It's never easy to look at ourselves in a less than perfect light and falling into the Knight of Wands attitude could be very easy to do if you are not careful. If this does not seem to fit you, then it is a warning that Mr. Right is probably more like Mr. Wrong and you may need to keep that irresistable charmer at arms length!

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