Jan 21, 2011

Seven Of Cups

The Deviant Moon Tarot is a wonderful deck to work with, I love the rich colors and unique characters on these cards and today's card happens to be one of my favorites. The Seven of Cups is all about imagination, daydreams and flights of fantasy and Patrick Valenza has created a deck that can truly bring your imagination to life

On the Seven of Cups, we see an artist busily drawing on his canvas with his pencil, trying to capture his vision of the cups that are stacked on the table in the foreground. Looking at his progress, it immediately becomes clear that the artists' concept varies greatly from what we can see before him.

The Seven of cups is a card choices or options and some people may consider this card a good omen but there is also a reminder to us as well, daydreaming and wishful thinking can mislead us if we focus on our desires and not base our choices in reality and on well grounded thinking.

Keep in mind that sevens always indicate some sort of change and cups symbolize the emotions.. .so look for a possible change that involves ones emotions.

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