Jan 17, 2011

Deck Review- Tarot of the Sidhe

I recently received Emily Carding's newest tarot deck, The Tarot of the Sidhe and I must say, this deck is truly amazing! I went through the cards one by one and each card simply sent shivers down my spine! Her artwork is as stunning and vibrant as ever, I just can't express in words the energy in this deck!
As Emily states, "Trying to define the Sidhe is rather like trying to capture liquid light in a glass box, their true nature is more truly felt and experienced than expressed in words or theories". The Sidhe are not mearly fairies that fly from flower to flower. They are a distinct race, separate from human-kind, yet sharing constant contact with earthlings in daily interaction...some good, some not too good for the humans. Belief in the Sidhe is virtually as old as culture and Emily captures perfectly their special magic perfectly in this 78 card deck.
The card stock is wonderful and sturdy, making Emily's vivid and striking artwork absolutely pop right out, drawing you into the  mystical world of the Sidhe. I am  positively struck by the bold and radiant images in each and every card with her fabulous creative style. Each of the Major Arcana, representing the universal or archetypal forces can be read with or even used as terrific gateways to meditation and come with artist's notes in the accompanying 96 page booklet, which also gives meanings as well as several very unique spreads. 
The Minor Arcana are separated into four suits, Dreamers/Air; Warriors/Fire; Dancers/Water and Makers/Earth which Emily states that she was told quite clearly one sunny day that this is how they should be and I must admit, it makes total sense to me given the nature of the beautiful deck as a whole. Each card in the Minor Arcana comes with keywords and a small poem that expresses that given card perfectly. This is an absolutely beautiful deck, with gorgeous images that simply must be in your collection!

Publisher: Schiffer Books
Artist: Emily Carding
ISBN: 9780764335990

Images used with permission from Schiffer Books

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