Jan 25, 2011

Tarot Tuesday-The Five Of Cups

None of us get a good feeling when the 5 of Cups turns up in our readings, it almost always means that somebody somewhere is going to make us feel let down or sad about something. And when that happens we can end up giving ourselves a hard time.

But there's one important thing to think about when we get disappointed,  it's worth taking a good look at your expectations. Maybe they are a bit unrealistic? Are you expecting a little too much from of the person or situation you are in? Sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves and need to stop and realize there are still two cups that have not fallen and as we all know, crying over spilled milk will get us nowhere!

Are you expecting more than you have a right to? Are you expecting things that the person in question, yourself or a given situation is simply not able to give? If the answer to any of the above is yes then by realistically changing your expectation, you'll stop being disappointed.

When this card comes up, it warns us that either we have failed to resolved an old difficulty, or that realistic or not, our expectations are about to be disappointed. Often this will happen in an emotional situation (because this is a Cups card) but can happen elsewhere in our lives too, because disappointment itself is an powerful emotion. Finding out where the problem is may help but there's not much that can be done except preparing ourselves to accept the inevitable fact that sometimes in life, there are going to be disappointments.

One thing that is always worth keeping in mind with a card like this is that the feelings which come up when it occurs often scare us into not taking another risk, not making another effort, or choosing situations where we won't be disappointed again. So maybe we need to  remind ourselves of that inner reserve of strength and capability we all have.

* The Hezicos Tarot*

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Aine O'Brien said...

Yes - I think the upright cups are important in this card and are often overlooked. So many times in life we give too much attention to the people/situations that have disappointed and take for granted the ones who have given us so much. I don't know why this is, but it seems to be common. Sometimes I see this as a message to watch my thoughts - to avoid ruining a good thing with negativity.