Jan 24, 2011

Deck Review- The Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

This week's tarot deck asks you to think of  yourself as an actor, placed in a theater at the time of your birth, joining millions of other actors around you. Here is where you take your place on the stage known as The Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot. 

This slightly larger than average tarot deck (3 1/2" x 5 1/2") contains 78  quirky and cartoon-like cards, divided in the traditional 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana, is an absolute joy to work with as it lends a fresh and unique perspective to tarot interpretations. I had a lot of fun with this deck and was amazed at the fresh insights I noticed while working with it.
The card stock is great to work with and has a wonderful glossy finish that makes it's images really stand out. The coloring of the images are pleasing to the eye as well as truly one of a kind. An introduction is in the front of the LWB ( little white book) that states that since the age of 18, the artist Graham Cameron had always wanted to create and illustrate a deck of his own and through ten years of work we now have a great deck that is playful as well as quite honest in it's demeanor.
As I worked with the cards, I noticed several recurring symbols like puzzle pieces, dice and numbers. The puzzle pieces found on the cards symbolize that we are all part of a continuous link and the more people we meet, the more connections are made. Some of the puzzle pieces symbolize the masculine or feminine aspects of the card and some puzzle pieces symbolize both energies are present.
The number 56 are used heavily throughout the deck and is explained as Graham's chosen number created as a numerical system within his paintings. The dice began to surface in his work around 1995 and represents fate and the unpredictability of life in general. Life may not unfold as we would wish it to but it directs us on our path to progress.
I love this deck and it's playful nature and although it may not be an ideal deck for a beginner, it's artistry and  unique messages make it a wonderful deck for any collection.

Publisher: US Games Systems
Artist Graham Cameron
ISBN: 1-57281-195-1

Images used with permission of US Games Systems

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