Sep 1, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

I'm using my Fairy Ring Oracle by Anna Franklin today and the card I drew is  the third card in  the Summer Court, The Gruagach ( groo-ah-gock).  She is a long haired fairy in a plaid robe and is shown in front of a Scottish castle at the edge of a loch. Her name itself, means "long haired one" and this character likes to haunt castles and grand mansions but unlike the house dwelling brownie that is attached to a family, the Gruaghach is attached to the building itself.

In an upright position, the appearance of The Gruaghach in your reading,  often refers to matters concerning family roots; traditions; inheritance; ancestors, family money and heirlooms. This card is all about establishing firm family foundations and ties to our ancestors. What is your definition of family? Is it by blood or by spirituality? How can you strengthen your family and it's foundations?

In the reversed position (upside down) this card indicates empty forms and rituals...going through the motions but not feeling a connection. There may be family disagreements and petty squabbles...disputes about legacy and inheritance, perhaps even a change in residence.

The Gruaghach seems to have been more than just a  ordinary house fairy and although her name means "long haired one" it sometimes implies that  of wizard or sorcerer. They are ofted depicted struggling with the four animal totems of the season...the Stag of Samhain...the Unicorn of Imbolc.... the Dragon of Beltane and the Lion of Lammas and may have appeared to turn the wheel of the seasons.

The Graghach is going to be turning the Wheel very soon and ushering in the Autumnal Equinox (and not long after, Samhain) so this season let's think of ways to honor and celebrate our ancestors and family members!

On Another Note:

I'm so excited my favorite season arrived today in the mail!

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