Sep 5, 2009

Brain Cramp

School starts this coming Wednesday and I don't think I could be more relieved! It's been a very long and stress filled summer with all the "There's nothing to do's...." So and so took my thing...." and my personal favorite "But I don't want to...."  I figured that since the kids will be going to school I would stretch my brain a little too and look into the subject of Quantum Physics. Oooo, brain cramp coming on!

I watch a lot of educational shows and happened accidentally upon one program that discussed this theory. It got my attention and I thought I would explore this a bit more since I like to approach my spirituality with a little solid science. I've been noticing that science has led to a lot of validation in the pagan/wiccan world because it is our belief that everything is indeed connected.

My view can be summed up in this way: Everything is sacred and alive (that is shares the spark of conciousness or intelligence)  and each part of the universe can communicate with each other part. For example, if a particle in one part of the universe vibrates up and down...somewhere else in the universe another particle begins to vibrate as well but in the opposite direction. That to me alone says there is proof that all are connected.

This theory that two particles coming in contact with each other and continue to affect one another even when separated is called "Bell's Theorum."  Bell thought that when two particles come in contact with each other, they leave a bit of themselves with each other and are not affected by  nuclear forces, gravity or electromagnetism but the contact that the particles had at one time. Hmmm, makes you wanna scratch your head, doesn't it?

This is just a milifraction ( Probably not a real word but it works for me) of the quantum physics topic but I'm going to stop here because later on down the line it's necessary to include calculus and formulas which truly will make my head spin! I hope you found this interesting, at the bottom of this post I have listed a few books on this subject if you want to explore these ideas further.

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"The Hidden Domain" by Norman Friedman
"Wholness and the Implacate Order" by Routlege and Kegan Paul
"The Holitropic Mind: Three Levels of Human Conciousness" by Stanislov Grof
"The Perennial Philosophy" by Aldous Huxley


Anonymous said...

Wow...that makes you think!
Seems to me though that science threw the baby away with the bath water...most things come full circle and I've witnessed many things change and come round again...
Alchemists became chemists, Wizards became's all the same thing, we just perceive them in our own way...
In reading your other post about three-fold return, I'm afraid to say that yes, it was invented to keep everyone on the straight and narrow...but that shouldn't stop us from behaving in a caring way to is still relevant in a modern seems it's now only people with any kind of belief system that care enough to worry about others in this way.
At least it worries the children enough to stop them messing about in the craft!

Rue said...

I love the study of interconnectedness and intelligence in all things. I read not too long ago about plants that signal one another when a predator (herbivore) is eating them. My friend who just returned from Australia says that there is a plant there, that if touched will curl it's soft leaves inward and expose spikes - and the other plants surrounding it will do the same - even if they aren't touched! Amazing!

Lisa said...

I love it! I will eagerly look forward to your observations. Rue's comment reminds me of something I read or viewed recently that was similar but it seems like it may have been insects rather than plants. It's all fascinating. I remember having my world rocked in the 80s during a physics class when I learned that particles react differently depending on the observer.