Aug 21, 2009

Dark Moon Bath

There are several rituals and spells that can be done on a new moon ( I refer to it as a dark moon) and before any activity like these it is always good to prepare for the event with grounding, centering and a ritual bath before any magical work is done. This is a recipe I came across a long time ago for a ritual bath dealing with the dark moon.

* 2 cups powdered milk
* 1/2 cup epsom salt
* 1/2 cup baking soda
* 6 drops sandalwood oil
* 5 drops vanilla oil
* 4 drops gardenia oil
* 4 drops orange oil
* Mix, and use 1 cup per bath

This bath smells so good and you could even take one just to refresh and recharge.


Domestic Witch said...

Thanks for signing up for the adpot a solider program, I have e-mailed you the address.

Anonymous said...

I love this - have been looking for a ceremony like this forever.
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

what a great bath ritual! rushing off to get all the ingredients now. The dark moon is here now and i need all the help from the Goddess and the elements that the universe can summon.