Aug 28, 2009

The Irish Goddess Of Personal Power

Today  I want to introduce to you, Maeve... a Celtic goddess.  Maeve is the goddess that defies convention and is "The queen of the moment"... She has a strong personality and often flies in the face of the norm. She is proud  and controlling, caring yet productive and intelligent...she is the very model of the power and hidden potential that lies within each and every person.

She is a goddess to be reckoned with. Her name translates to "she who intoxicates". Indeed, she was reknown for her prodigious appetites for sex, power, and drink. Honey wine, or mead, is named for her. A great warrior queen, she coveted the famous brown bull of Ulster. She schemed and wreaked havoc until he was hers, not to be denied her desires. She embodies obsession, addiction, bloodlust and battle. She is thought to be the progenitor of Maab, the English Queen of the Fairies.

What hidden potential do you have? What are some of your hopes and dreams....goals that you want to see come to fruition in your life? We often have issue with maintaining focus when setting our goals and when we wander off track it can be somewhat disheartening. Here is an activity that I found in the book "Goddess Alive" by Michelle Skye to help focus and encourage us.

Supplies Needed:

* Stylish paper (can be parchment paper or some other fancy paper)
* Colored pens, ( colored pencils and markers can be used too)
* Post-it notes
* Some old magazines or newspapers

When you have your supplies needed, pull a fresh sheet of paper out and write your goal at the top using your markers, pencils or pens. Your goal can be anything like I want to own a bookstore or I want to make and sell tarot bags. No goal is too small or insignificant and worthy so remember, this is you directing your life. After you have your goal written down, take different colors and start writing all the things that you can think of that have to do with this goal. You can write upside down, sideways and even in the margins if your paper is lined. Write it down even if it seems outlandish or silly. When you are done with that turn the paper over and clip out magazine pictures or anything else and make a collage representing your goal.

Now, keep doing this for a week and watch your dream grow...meditate on your goal that week and focus your this goal right for me? Take some post-it notes and write down some steps that you can take to make your goal real, like checking out buildings for lease or what types of inventory you would like to order. Each time you accomplish something on your list, tear off the post-it sheet and start on the next thing to do. Continue creating goals and before long they will all be a reality!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mighty Maeve is fierce! A Goddess to be reckoned with.

His Precious said...

Oh MY GODDESS! I SO needed to hear from Maeve today! I'm venturing into something new to boost my finances and I was thinking about WAITING another month - ya know - the "ebby jeebies" were getting to me and my confidence lulled somewhat this morning....but NO MORE!

Thanks so much for posting this and many blessings to you!

Lisa said...

Thanks Liz! Just think week, I've begun pulling a goddess card every day and putting her on my altar. This was a nice extra boost. Thank you for taking the time to introduce us to this awesome goddess.

Bella Foxglove said...

I love Maeve, and I to needed to hear from her today. Thank you so much for posting this!