Aug 30, 2009

Serenity Sunday

Well, I'm on my way to getting my Green Witch Tea many things to do. I'm keeping a blog about the whole process from beginning right up until I'm ready to advertise my tea ( you can find the link in my sidebar). There are so many things to get in order before then, I didn't realize just how much! There's  tea descriptions to write, prices to decide on, supplies to receive, labels to make, PayPal issues to resolve ( there is SO much reading just to figure out what buttons I need!) almost seems like making the tea is the easiest part! I hope to be ready for the marketplace in a few weeks so keep an eye out for an announcement! Any suggestions or constructive criticism is very welcomed!

My List:

1.) My children

2.) My cats

3.) Great friends

4.) Courage

5.) Quiet evenings listening to the rain

6.) Kisses

7.) Walking the dog

8.) The smell of the crisp air in the morning

9.) Hot chocolate

10.) FaceBook


Hey, if you have a moment...drop by The Domestic Witch and check out her cool giveaway!  The goodies include these great items:

*A sachet of dried chamomile for magical endeavors evolving money, love and purification.

*A sachet of dried lemon balm which comforts the heart and driveth away melancholy and sadness.

*Coal, associated with the North and Earth, and it can be used with any corresponding witchery in that arena. It rules in Winter, Samhain and Yule; at night and in the third quarter to Dark Moon phases. It represents wisdom, the Sage and Crone.

*A homemade lavender smudge stick to smoke negative forces away and attract positive forces, most especially love.

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