Nov 20, 2009

Lizzie's Award Of Shame

Disclaimer: I really hate to facilitate these people's fifteen minute's of fame but this rubbish was just too good to pass up! A friend of mine came across these articles the other day and of course, I just had to add my two cents...

C'mon people, has the world really reverted as far back as the dark ages again, where  unjust accusation was acceptable and even encouraged?  Since when do my beliefs deserve to be disregarded or mocked by others simply because I define divinity in slightly different perspective?  In my daily life, I believe that we are all part of the divine (and not separate from that divine) but yet there are those who turn around and ask "a certain member of the clergy" to forgive them of their sins that were, in their own teaching, wiped clean when another "certain individual" was nailed to wood? ("It is finished!" John 19:30.)  Here are a couple  of paragraphs from the Sunday Monitor ... 

"Pastor Grace Nakabonge gives a Biblical example of when Moses went up Mt Sinai and failed to come back. Tired of waiting for him and in need of a solution, the Israelites made a golden calf and started worshipping it....

But how does the mere worship of a statue usher in evil powers and spirits that presumably act on the whims and wishes of their executors? “Evil powers of the devil seize this opportunity to speak through these idols, making people think they have found God. So people unknowingly begin to worship evil powers and spirits,” she explains. The pastor adds that the distinguishing feature between God’s power to perform miracles and wonders and witchcraft is that the former is for the good of mankind and to bring peace while witchcraft will cause harm and damage even to a neighbour who lives peacefully besides you."

I am compelled to ask ... What in heck made this pastor think that I believe in the idea of anything being evil, let alone this devil nonsense she seems to be trying to shove down my throat? Has she watched so much television and Hollywood mumbo-jumbo that she's taken it upon herself to jump to such broad and absolutely laughable conclusions...

And sadly, even more outrageous silliness has recently sprouted up in the  Indianapolis schools, where it seems that they have started  blocking sites that deal with paranormal and unexplained events from possible internet access by children ...What lesson would we be passing on to our children, that it's okay to harbor false ideas and prejudiced judgments (made by those who are supposed to teach them right from wrong)...should we make the burning of books okay because they might open the minds of our children and then our children may start to challenge the accepted way of thinking?

"Sites that promote and provide information on religions such as Wicca, Witchcraft or Satanism. Occult practices, atheistic views, vodoo rituals or any form of mysticism are represented here. Includes sites that endorse or offer methods, means of instruction, or other resources to affect or influence real events through the use of spells, incantations, curses and magic powers. This category includes sites which discuss or deal with paranormal or unexplained events.

Excuse me... but  since when does my spirituality get thrown in the mix with atheism? I  believe in deity, just as other spiritual folks definition is slightly different but hey, at least I can say that I believe in something  bigger than myself rather than the absence of anything other than what I can see, taste, touch or hear! As for religious tolerance...Well, I guess that only applies to those groups who are generally pre-approved by other similar groups. What about the resurrection...would that not be a  prime example of a paranormal or unexplained event? (Paranormal: a general term that describes unusual experiences that lack scientific explanation or phenomena alleged to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure... Wikipedia)

 I'd like to share with you that I petition deity too, just as other spiritual folks do, I say a prayer called a spell or ritual... I ask the same things that other spiritual folks do as well..."Look after my loved ones..."  "Keep them safe from harm on their car ride to see Aunt Edna..."  "Help me to do well tomorrow with my presentation at work..."  "Bless my children with long and happy lives..."  How is this so different?

I know that this may be a controversial topic and I don't mean to make light or belittle these issues in any way but my sole purpose in this post is to provoke thought and to call into question the accepted and commonly held beliefs that exist (rather than choosing to remain silent and perpetuating these misleading and damaging ideas) about paganism and wicca, that some in society have chosen to foster. 


Suzie said...

Well said, Lizzie! I was aghast when I read about the decision in the Indianapolis schools too. It is ok for kids to play games that depict violence, or watch movies that put no value on any life at all, but don't teach spiritual diversity through understanding. It saddens me to think that we as a society are backsliding once again.

Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

I'm not sure how I could include a pic of the demotivation poster, but I can draw your attention to it's website at:

Basically, the idea is that Christianity makes about as much (non)sense as anything else, really. Some people cling to their beliefs to the exclusion of all others. I am not saying my belief system is any better or more "true" than anyone else's.

I am SO with you, hon! We're right back to stating "my invisible friend is better than yours!" - which is really crazy, in my opinion. As a pagan and earth-based celebrator, there are things that feel "sacred" to me. I recognize that it is not sacred to everyone, and I don't expect it to be! Neither would I deny someone's right to honor whatever feels right to them - just don't try to keep my kids from learning about different ways of thought!

We should focus more on having kids be respectful of others, to be tolerant and loving and to harm none! We should teach them to open their minds and follow their hearts!

In my opinion, all "religions" are really a collection of myths (yes, even my own!). I'm ok with that, though. I find mythology to have interesting lessons to teach us about life. I find the ritualism to help us focus our energies on things that (in my opinion) deserve honoring and celebrating.

I'm with you - there is nothing in my belief system that honors "evil"! I believe firmly in harming none! To me, this also means not forcing my beliefs on others!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I must say you stated everything very well. I appreciate your thought provoking post. I wish we could be more open and honest (as well as tolerant) with spiritual views. Sadly, that just is not the case. Your post proves that point. People truly believe that old adage that ignorance is bliss.

In my opinion...Ignorance is such a very disturbing place to be. I have witnessed it all to often when people look at my son. This spiritual intolerance is really not that different.