Nov 3, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

The Chariot and The Ten of Swords  (a tale of two issues...)

I'm going to use my daily draw for yesterday because I think it illustrates all too well one of the many nuances (not to mention sense of humor) that tarot can involve.  Usually, I don't have to ponder much when certain cards come up but I almost never get the fact in the last several months I don't believe I've  even pulled it, so it seemed rather unusual.

Monday started out to be a normal, run of the mill first day of the week... I drew  the Chariot (my daily draw) and the Ten of Swords (shadow card)  as I've been making a practice of lately. I think I must have sat for a good half hour trying to figure out just why I may be having melodramatic control issues that day. What a strange combination!  I felt fairly good today... the kids were going to a whole day of school as opposed the the half days they had  all last week due to parent/teacher conferences...I had my morning coffee...the dogs went out on schedule just like everyday and I had planned on a typical day .

It seems, however, the tarot  had a good dose of irony in store for me and all those  deep, mystical meanings I was searching for were not as deep or mystical as I had made them out to be.

The Ten of Swords usually represents a melodramatic kind of ruin, misfortune and anguish a little like my youngest two children act when one of their friends decide to play with someone else..."The world has ended... so and so doesn't like me anymore..."  or it can also imply   one's troubles and worries  (of a intellectual nature, since Swords represent thoughts and intellect) are coming to an end...a kind of  "It can only go up from here" situation. As far as melodrama goes, we can see that ten swords does seem a bit overkill!

 The Chariot, as I have stated, usually pertains to control's will, self assertion and assuming authority. In the card we can see a man in a chariot, standing  stiffly upright with a sense of firm resolve on his face. I thought it  had to do with me because goddess knows I have autonomy issues..well, maybe a bit of ego as well... but it didn't turn out  that way and it was all very simple... all those deep and mystical meanings I was looking for this morning just weren't that deep or mystical. They were rather shallow and  a tad literal.

I had just turned the corner and onto the main road headed to the school when all of a sudden my car started choking...and sputtering...and then...well, then there was nothing. Nothing at all.. it wouldn't start up again. As I sat there in a severe state of anxiety, my mind whirled about what it was that I should do first. My first rational thought (well, okay...not so rational) was to call my sweetie, Chris. Did I mention that he's  been in Alabama for the last six days and won't be home until late tomorrow night? I promptly began cry and feel very sorry for myself indeed... I was sure the week as I had planned it was over!.

To make this long story short, my  friend Bobbi and her husband Danny  came to my rescue and took me to pick up the children (and tow the  car back home) and  suddenly it struck me ... the meaning of the Chariot was obvious! Another less occurring but entirely possible interpretation is  one of automobile or transportation issues.  Right then and there I started laughing because I had heard others remark that sometimes the tarot has a sense of humor but I never really believed it until today.  It's kind of funny how we can be going right along in our lives with the assumption that today will be just like any other day ( "I'm in control!") only to be rudely shaken ("Arrgg! my world has ended!") out of that notion. I think it serves to teach us how to appreciate  our lives, mundane or magical. As for my car...I'll have to keep you posted!


Soraya said...

So, you're clearly knowledgeable in the tarot area...
Could you tell me a decent daily spread that isn't..question based? If that makes sense?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha! When the tarot is literal, it can be very prosaic indeed! Glad everything turned out okay.

Annette said...

Love the way you think - hope it is nothing serious with your car. =)
Going to look at my draw now. . .

Rue said...

Glad your friends could come to your rescue - I hope the car can be fixed with little cost!