Nov 2, 2009

"Must Have" Monday

Confession time...

I'm a tarot junkie...(and stones and crystals and herbs and oils and incense...) but that's probably not big news given the circle I hang out with..( now that was a pun, wasn't it?) I was looking for tarot bags this last week and I came upon a few really great Etsy shops, one I ordered two really beautiful tarot bags and even searched Google for the  really cool little stones that were shown in the picture with them. I have a few favorite Etsy merchants and today I thought that I would share list with you....


Quixoticxa Studio - Some beautifully hand sewn tarot bags, of course I had to order two! Then I had to Google the stones...Leopard Skin Jasper, and order some of those too!

 The Imporium:: For all your familiar needs- These have got to be the cutest little critters I have seen in a long time! These little knit creations will definately warm your heart.

Magical Enchantments- I just love this shop, it has everything you might need for that spell, potion or special witchy occasion. I was very impressed with the Hecate magical enchantment oil and candle set that I ordered.

Earthen Creations and Moonlit Creations  both by Mel Kickland, she has some wonderful jewelry all made by hand. Check it out... she is quite talented and creative!

Hibiscus Moon-  Where you can find wonderful pendulums, tumbled stones and gorgeous crystals. I like the Amethyst pendulum myself. On my MUST HAVE as we speak!

Carioca Witch- Handcrafted products from Brazil. These hand sewn items are really great and in fact I have a few on my MUST HAVE list as well!

I hope you have a chance to check out these Etsy sites, there are some terrific items just perfect for gift giving or just because occasions. Don't forget, tonight is the full "Beaver" moon. It's a good time for spells about manifesting, about what you wish to bring into your life...what a great time of the year, when Samahain and the full moon are at almost the same time!

Bright Blessings!


Celestite said...

You are in rare form today! lol
That's a good list, almost the same as mine.

Sloan said...

Awesome stuff! Now I wish I had money to buy it. TT-TT -sniff-

Rue said...

Thanks for the shop info! There are a few here I haven't seen, and will check out!

I love this leopard skin Jasper - I have one piece and it's lovely to carry!