Nov 17, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

Today's card is the Three of Cups. This is an interesting card since I must have drawn it at least three other times this last week as a daily's definitely trying to get my attention. Every morning  after I get home from taking the children to school, I light a candle and some Sandalwood or Nag Champa  incense and sit quietly (hopefully sweetie is otherwise occupied) and listen to soft music. I do this because my little rubber band has a tendency to get wound way too tight and since I am an Air sign, my rational brain does not like to relinquish control to  my creative, intuitive side very often.

Which makes this card all the more relevant. In the Three of Cups we see three women, one auburn haired wearing a reddish brown robe, one fair haired wearing a golden robe and one brunette wearing a white robe, all lifting up golden cups and doing what appears to be a dance. This card can be interpreted as pleasure, fun, entertainment, parties, family reunions, weddings, baptism, birth, success, a fun lucky turn and a gathering with a group of friends.

I admit, I haven't been in the most festive of moods over the last several weeks with having every attempt to get my tea business up and going thwarted at every turn, my car breaking down and me right after it  as I had to coast onto a side road and petty squabbles stemming from run-in's with the neighborhood bully. Festive has been the last thing on my mind but the Three of Cups keeps urging me to let all of this go, all work and no play, or so they say...

I'm reminded "Not to sweat the small stuff" because taking life too seriously can surely make for a heavy burden to carry.  Most of all, I think these ladies are trying to tell me that there is true power in multiples and I should celebrate and kick up my heels with other people for a change and not try to go it alone. I need to seek out other people to celebrate my life's blessings with (seek out being a course of action for me to take.)  It is similarities which bring us together but it is the differences which make us strong.

As you ponder this card, ask yourself these questions  "What can I do to incorporate a sense of playfulness in my daily life....? Can I accept that joy is my natural state and that I do not have to earn it...?  How can I  create or develop a network of support when I interact with others...? 


greekwitch said...

I hope you will find a way to incorporaten the qualities you want into your every day life!
Brightest blessings!!

Fire Lyte said...

In some instances, I've seen the three of cups depict a dramatic change in life. In these instances, the three women represent the maiden, mother, and crone and let you know you may be moving from one to the other.

Perhaps, though, it would be a bit obvious to think that the card would have more of the familial meaning, as Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! (YIKES!!!)

Isn't Tarot fun?


Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

I agree with Fire Lyte and greekwitch! I was also going to add that the card for me often reminds me to raise a glass to each circumstance and accept its challenge with joy. I am not saying I am always CAPABLE of that, but I try! LOL!