Nov 1, 2009

Serenity Sunday

I hope everyone had a very blessed Samhain and a very happy Halloween yesterday! Conor and Meaghan (my youngest two) dressed up as pirates and went trick or treating with their older sister Caitlin and nieces, Autumn and Heaven. I did my releasing  prayer ritual, honored all my loved ones that passed on as well as  beloved cats that have gone to Rainbow Bridge... I then blessed our house and charged it with positive, loving energy. I even got to speak with my sweetie over the phone (he's been in Alabama for a NASCAR race in Talladega) and can't wait until he gets home in a few days! Now, for my weekly gratitude list...

My List:

1.) My children

2.) My sweetie, Chris

3.) Jack O' Lanterns

4.) Chilly moonlight nights

5.) Ancestors

6.) Chakra stones

7.) Happy memories

8.) Life lessons

9.) Hot chocolate (with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles)

10.) Fun sized Milky Way bars


Eliza said...

Glad you had a great Samhain :-)

Celia (Head Witch of the Hollow) said...

Hope you had a lovely eve Liz...

Moncha said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.
I hope your husband will be back soon.
Have a wonderful day !!

Sadie said...

sweet post.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Fun sized Milky Way bars," eh? Whose Halloween treat bags were those from, LOL?

Rue said...

Lovely list! Your this the first time you've mentioned him, or did I miss it? Yay for you!