Nov 28, 2009

My Rosemary Tree

I came across the most wonderful little  Rosemary tree the other day while shopping, it smelled absolutely divine so I brought it home to add to my garden window of various plants. I don't  grow herbs in my house very much because  it's usually too warm and they seem to do so much better out of the pot and in my garden but I figured that this was such an elegant looking tree and smells very festive for the season, that I would give it a shot.

A Little Rosemary History

An old French term for rosemary was incensier - incense. Because Rosemary was easily harvested from the wild it was an incense used by the poor or lower classes as a substitute for expensive frankincense or myrrh-based incense in ancient Greece and Rome. The upper class and nobility could afford the more costly imported resins.

When a twig of rosemary is burned it is said to rid space of negativity because of its cleansing vibrations. It was burnt at shrines in Ancient Greece, and burned to drive away evil spirits and to drive away illnesses.

* Place a fresh twig beneath your pillow to drive away nightmares.

*Lay it under your bed for a good night's sleep.

* A necklace made from rosemary preserves your youth and is
said that it is also grown to attract elves.

* Rosemary is also said to be an herb of remembrance and has been added to wedding bouquets. In some European countries it is still a custom to carry rosemary in funeral processions and to cast the herb into the grave at the burial ceremony

* Before the advent of modern medicine rosemary was burned, along with juniper berries, as a disinfectant in French hospitals.

* Rosemary is an herb in the labiatae (mint) family. It's a tender perennial grayish green ornamental shrub 2-6 feet high with scaly bark. It's foliage is needle-like and gray green in color. Flowers are small pale blue to pink clusters.

Contemporary scientific research suggests that Rosemary may be useful for:

* Alzheimer's. Phytochemicals in rosemary may prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a chemical that allows neurons within the brain to communicate with each other.

* Cancer. Several laboratory studies suggest that rosemary contains compounds that prevent carcinogenic chemicals from bind to and inducing mutations in DNA.

* Circulatory problems. The camphor content finely chopped rosemary or essential oil of rosemary to bath water helps stimulate blood circulation the skin.