Feb 20, 2009

Got Strength?

I drew the tarot card Strength this morning and boy was it a very good indicator of my evening. I had the first stages of my tattoo done and I found myself coming up with all sorts of new and unique understandings of this card that I had not thought of before. I'm pretty much a real weenie when it comes to pain but I must admit there were no tears...which was good since I didn't want to do that in front of a complete stranger. Anyhow, Strength is about trying a soft approach to solve problems instead of the "pell mell down the hill and in your face" like the Chariot card... using kind words and a gentle touch can accomplish so much more than being heavy handed. I liken it to the "catching more bees with honey than vinegar" addage. So, next time things aren't going well, try a different approach and see just what happens.

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