Feb 27, 2009

Heavy Loads

The Ten Of Wands is an interesting card, in it we see an over burdened little frog that looks as if he might be thinking that he bit off more than he could chew and is really struggling along. In the distance we can see a castle but it's unclear if he is heading toward or away from it's walls. The colors even bring to mind feelings of heaviness and drudgery and it reminds me that any action I undertake must be evaluated as to whether or not it might be just a little too much. Doing favors for people is something that causes most burdens in my life, it's difficult to see one in need and I feel like I ought to offer help but I try to keep in mind, is it really my burden to help carry or is it the results of that person's unwise choices. Life is hard enough and sometimes we just need to let others carry their own burdens.

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Hibiscus Moon said...

Be careful....to me, it looks like the little frog is passing the enchanted castle right by. He may not even see it.

BTW, do you use these cards by pulling one each day or do you use them for divination as in a spread? Or do you do both? I don't have any but I am thinking of getting some.