Feb 28, 2009

It Is My Pleasure To Introduce To You....

Today I thought I'd introduce a few blogs that are very good and also full of information and whimsy. Some have beautiful photography and others are more eclectic such as mine. Drum roll please.....

Full Moons &; Black Cats
A wonderful blog by Celestite that researches various aspects witchcraft and magick and a great arena for questions that you always wanted to ask. I love the fact that you do not need to be pagan or wiccan to enjoy this blog.

A Pagan Tapestry
This Blog, also by Celestite, follows the Wheel of the Year, the changing of the seasons, the cycles of the moon. Great informational blog indeed! I like the fact that she is up front when saying this blog is of her opinions and does not try to represent pagans as a whole. We are all degrees of color in a larger rainbow, and we all contribute something special.

I just love this blog by Morag Lloyds, her photographs are simply breathtaking!It is diary of her journey's around the Islands of the west coast of Scotland. She is a painter and designer and her subjects come from both her experiences from the sea and her love of different.

Live From The Red Leather Couch
A wonderful blog by Darkly Fey, that deals with everything pagan. Darkly Fey also has a podcast "The Dark Side Of Fey" which I highly recommend that you listen to. I like the down to earth way she discusses topics we deal with from day to day.

Hibiscus Moon
Hibiscus Moon has a great eclectic blog that includes poems, informative content, educational topics and a little bit of everything that appeals to all. She is new to wicca but has a very unique and highly enjoyable viewpoint! She also includes crafts and examples of her artistic expressions.

Barefoot In The Sand
Gypsy has a wonderful blog that has whimsy and and a wonderfully fresh perspective on the world around her as she shares it with us all. Her insight into life is amazing and well worth the read.

I have many more great blogs to list and I think that I will do just that in one of my other posts. I do encourage you all to check out these blogs, they're a great contribution to everyone, involved with magic or not!


DarklyFey said...

Thanks for the lovely plug. :)

Hibiscus Moon said...

Thank you so much for the mention. I follow most of the others that you mentioned here and I have to agree. They are lovely blogs. My favorite new past time. :)

Celestite said...

This is a great list, thanks for including me!

Anonymous said...
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