Apr 23, 2009

Beautiful Artistry

I've had a Facebook account for a few years now but really didn't use it much until one of my friends that watches my cats' webcam (Hi Ruth!) looked me up. It's actually pretty fun and I've been able to stay in touch as well as make new friends from all over the globe.

There's always cool applications that can be added and I have my favorites like YoVille and Pet Society but not to leave out the addictive Hatchlings either...Anyhow, one of my friends put up some pictures of handmade jewelry that a friend of hers makes and I have to say that her work is absolutely incredible!

I'm always looking for unique handmade pieces to add to my collection and earth based themes are a prerequisite with my tastes. I love the Celtic and pagan looking jewelry and Mel's creations certainly fit the bill. She has even started a new blog called Mel Kickland which has an example of a necklace that she has on her Etsy page where you can view her work. I super encourage you to check it out, pagan or non pagan...I myself plan on looking closer at a necklace that she's made.....and a pair of earrings...and....well, let's just say I really like what I see!

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Celestite said...

that's beautiful. I went and looked too...it's all beautiful.